Thursday, May 31, 2012

When Spring Sprung...

Make-up post #2 :)
I know that doing free-handed art with 5-year-olds is a bit time-consuming, but I just love it! They do such a good job with it! When we do art (like painting), I always do a step-by-step example for the group first. I then call them in groups of no more than 2 and let them paint at my table. The other students are given a different activity to work on. This way I can make sure they understand the process and I can monitor the use of supplies. This spring we painted these cute birdies. The boys did the teal with pink and girls did pink with teal. Like always, I was impressed with how well they listened and the effort they put into them.
I failed to photograph any of our other spring-themed activities. :( I am hoping to do better next year!!!

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