Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jazzing up Journals

Make up post #3 :)
I have used Math Journals for 3 years now, but this is my first year with Science Journals. I know I posted about journals a while back, but before I sent them home for the summer, I took a few more photos of them. Journals are one of my favorite things to do!!! Here are some of our science journal entries. We have AMSTI science (Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative) and we get 4 kits a year- Balls and Ramps, Living Things, Trees, and Clouds. We do those quarterly and also add in some additional subjects. I did a 2-week bug unit this year that was VERY popular with the students. Here are some science journal entries...
In Math, I do all kinds of journal entries. By the time we actually discuss addition, they already understand it because we do addition and subtraction in our journals. We have done Saxon Math the last 5 years. I also try to integrate our lesson into some entries. Next year we will be doing Math In Focus. I am really excited about it!!! Here are a couple of math entries...
I didn't photograph many math journals this time. I am definitely going to do both journals again next year! I love looking at their first entries and their last. It reminds me how much difference a year can make!!!!

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