Monday, August 29, 2011

I Screen, You Screen...

...I finally have a projector screen!!!!

It took a big dream, 2 grants, 12 months, and the Sunday afternoon of 2 of my favorite men (i.e. my hubby and my daddy), and I am finally teaching with technology.

I know most of you are laughing because you proabably all have SmartBoards, and documents cameras, and IPads...

But I didn't have anything but one working teaching computer and two semi-working student desk-top computers, so I am more than thrilled to be the ONLY Kindergarten classroom with an LCD and laptop.

I used it today with our "Letter Kk" lesson. The kids were so excited about our "big screen".

We also used it with our science lesson. I found the powerpoint here I also found some great ideas for science journals and experiments.

After we did the PowerPoint, which talks about different types of "scientists", the students drew a picture of what they would like to study in their journal. Most of the girls wanted to study flowers, weather, or medicine. Most of the boys wanted to study bugs, volcanoes, or rocks. Ha! I printed off a little slip of paper and then wrote what they wanted to study. The other blog wrote the type of scientist- like "geologist"- or whatever. I also thought that was a great idea!

Here are a few of from my students journals:

I also do Math Journals. I generally try to do them 3 days a week in conjunction with my other math lesson. They take a lot longer this time of year, but in the next few weeks, they will have them down!

Our routine (after finding the next page, of course) is to...

First- Put the page number in the top right corner.
Second- Write the date in the white space at the top.
Third- Raise your hand when you are ready!

I check to make sure they have written the page number and date and hand them the slip of paper with the math journal assignment already typed on it.

This time of year we start simple. Here are a few examples...

Writing the date is very hard for them this time of year, but by mid-September, almost every child can do it. I found that since I added journals to the curriculum three years ago, it has really improved my students' number handwriting as well as overall number sense. I believe they really add a lot to the curriculum. We will eventually be adding and subtracting, etc... in these. We will do patterns and other things too once we get the routine down.

I love using journals. They give students a little independence and also allow you to have a portfolio of their work. I also use spelling journals that we will start around October and Story Writing journals that we will use beginning in January.

I bought all of these at the beginning of the year. I use the regular spiral kind for Spelling and Science ($0.15 or 0.20 at Walmart) and I use the composition kind for Math- ($0.40 at Walmart). The writing ones I use are kind of expensive- $32.95 for 10 from Lakeshore. They are the best though! I let my kids practice on regular handwriting paper first. They have to 'earn' their journal. I ended up getting my last set through a local grant, which was GREAT!

I have a journal station in my room for all my journals.

I color coded them so they would match the bucket. I would love to hear from anyone else that uses journals!!!!



  1. Just found your blog. I use the same journals that you do. I am posting tonight on some of my samples of writing journals and math journals. I am hoping to share science journals this week, too.

  2. Hello! So glad I found your blog and I love the journals!!!. I will be visiting often to see what's happening in your classroom. I am your newest follower and have "TAGGED" you on my blog. Scoot on over and check it out.
    Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

  3. Wow! I wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog and gave you an award! Come check it out at my site!
    I just love your shopping info!!

  4. LOVE this!! I taught kinder last year and moved to 1st grade this year. This really makes me miss kindergarten :((( haha!

  5. I love how you use journals with the little ones...and congrats one the screen! I ripped mine the other day....

    Apples and ABC's

  6. Congrats on the new technology. It will change your life. I have a LCD and and Elmo, bring my own laptop. Someday i'll have a smart board. Love your journals. I use them too. I make my own. Stop by my blog, I have some freebies for journals.

    Time 4 Kindergarten
    Time 4 Organization

  7. Oops forgot to say I LOVE the poem on the sie bar. Did you write that. I think I need that in a t-shirt.

    Time 4 Kindergarten
    Time 4 Organization

  8. A talented kids who made those drawing.

  9. I know how you feel. I finally got a projection screen, laptop and projector this year. I was the last Kindergarten teacher to get one since I was the newest kid on the block, lol. I love it and use it all of the time for EVERYTHING! Our county is poor so anytime I get new technology I feel like a kid at Christmas, lol. I love your math journals too! I am wanting to do them this year in my class as well. Did you come up with your own topics or did you buy them? I have seen some that I feel are just too hard for the Kinders that I teach and yours seem perfect! I am now a follower of your blog and would love for you to follow mine too. I love to share ideas with other teachers.
    Mrs. Janelle