Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kindergarteners Do Kandinsky

One of my FAVORITE things is teaching art. I know, I know- WHEN do I have time to teach art? I don't! But I MAKE time- because I feel like it is REALLY, REALLY important to my students. There are kids who may NEVER be the best at reading- but they may have something special when it comes to art. Even my worst behaved students follow the rules when it's art time! I know I don't make as much time for it as I need to, but I try to to at least squeeze in a few pieces each year. My favorite from last year was "Kindergarteners Do Kandinsky". I did this on the day that we did letter "K". I always tell them a little info about the artist. I showed them some artwork. We did not have LCD's last year, so I had to call everyone to my personal computer to show them. Thanks to a grant, I now have an LCD and a laptop. Donorschoose gave me a screen, but I haven't been able to get it yet because of the summer. Maybe I will have it soon!!!!

For this project, I decided to do the famous "circles". It was a great lesson to review shapes and colors as well as art history!

I picked a few primary colors and quickly sketched the circle outlines. I let the kids choose which colors to use and where to use the colors. After they dried, I laminated them, quickly arranged them according to color, and made them into one large piece. I thought the end result was fabulous!

I thought it was SO fabulous that I kept it in my classroom and I intend for it to stay there forever! :)

The year before I did "V is for Van Gogh". We did these Van Gogh paintings, which were a little more time consuming, but the end result was STUNNING! I can honestly say that I did help with the vases (they were cut out) but the flowers were different sponges that kids used by themselves. Every parent in the class had a fit over these!

Got any GREAT art lessons to share???


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  1. Love your signature! Wish I had some art projects to share - these are beautiful.
    - Leslie