Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Foot Long Receipt

You know it is that time of year again when you spend $71.82 in the Dollar Tree.
Yep, you are looking at a foot long receipt. Actually, it's 14 inches long- a little over a foot! Crazy!!! I found some really great deals and couldn't pass them by. I am constantly buying random things because I think I might need it one day. Some of this stuff I don't have an immediate use for- but I am sure that when I need it- I'll be glad I bought it. Here are some of the things I bought...
I am thinking about using some of them literacy centers, etc..
Tangram workmats... maybe for math centers.
You can always use letter tiles!
These were sorters. The front has a shape and a number. As you can see, they are also different colors. I was thinking of using them for grouping students. I also bought three of these magnetic containers.
I am going to add polka dots or something festive to dress them up. Don't worry! I'll show you when I am done.

I have been busy trying to get things ready in my classroom since they have finished cleaning the carpet and have put my tables and things back where they belong. We (teachers) begin inservice on August 13th and the students return on August 20th. Sometimes we have work days during inservice. HOPEFULLY we will this year since we have FIVE inservice days before school begins. I can't handle FIVE days of "informative and beneficial" meetings. Our Kindergarten orientation is the 16th, so I will need everything ready by then for sure. Our school district always waits until about 5 days (or even less) before the first day of school to give us our class lists. As you can imagine, it is WONDERFUL to get your class list and have to label everything in a couple of days. So... another reason why I need everything else ready early. Ideally, I will finish everything by the end of next week. I have a MUCH needed beach trip planned the week before inservice.

I have been in 3 different rooms at my school. I started Year 1 in TABS (In-school suspension), moved to Kindergarten 6 weeks into the year when the enrollment kept increasing and we added a class (Trust me, that is DEFINITELY another story for another day), and after Year 3, a Kindergarten room opened up in the Kindergarten section (I was in the first grade part) so I moved to my current room. I plan to be in Room 101 forever. I HATE changing rooms. Anyway, I've worked a little each year to get it decorated like I really want to be. I'm adding some new things this year and trying to really adhere to my color theme- mostly red, black, and white. I use a ton of polka dots too! I have other primary colors throughout the room- but I'm adding more black/white/red this year.

I came across chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents each. I bought the letters to spell "Kindergarten", a peace symbol, and a felt heart since I couldn't find a chipboard one. I picked out some coordinating scrapbook papers and came up with this...
Close up of the peace symbol and heart:
I can't wait to hang them on the wall!!!

When I went crazy in Dollar Tree, I bought a class set of binders to use for calendar notebooks. I decided to go ahead and number them with vinyl numbers. I wanted to add dots, but I decided not to. I thought the end result was neat and clean, so I left it that way...
The last project that I want to share is my table caddies. I bought these black ones at Walmart the other night for 99 cents each. I use these for pencils, scissors, and glue. Usually students keep crayons in separate containers. I used my cricut to cut some cute number tags. I added a festive bow and attached them with book rings. I LOVE them and cannot wait to put them on my tables!!!
I have several other things that are in the works, but I don't want to share just yet!

Just so you know- I'm not the only one at my house ready for school. This is what I found in my kitchen the other morning...
Isn't she the cutest 3-year-old teacher ever? Even if she has bed hair and is wearing something from the dress-up chest? :)

She even managed to get our poor doggie to come to school...
Doesn't he look thrilled to be there???

Thanks for all the kind thoughts on my new TPT page! I have some new stuff for it, but haven't had time to sit down and add it all. I am headed to bed tonight. I am throwing a baby shower on Saturday and a lingerie shower next Friday. In addition to school stuff, I also made a diaper cake and party banner today. I'm going to call it a night!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yay! I Did It!!!

I have been planning for months to start a TPT store and I finally set it up today! It is nothing impressive yet- but I wanted to quickly tell everyone about it because I added the back to school teacher tag from a previous post. It is FREE in my TPT store!!! I also added these two cute new things...
Click here to visit my new store!!! I ran out of time uploading tonight- but I have a super cute set of barnyard name tags for back to school to add later. I also have worked for weeks on our new math series- Math in Focus. I am SO pumped about some things I have put together for it. I hope to add several things this week! I have a lot of resources I will add as freebies later too. Just in case you are interested, I do custom printing. I can do the desk fairy notes as a sticky note pad and the sign as a large magnet. Sorry that was short and sweet- but I was so stinkin' excited about my new store that I couldn't sleep until I let everyone know!!! And if you do visit my store- I would love for you to be a follower! Sweet dreams!!!! Photobucket